was a video service and had hosting packages available with specific community building functions. It sustained Clubs, Stations and Organizations by giving their members useful and personalized features. These packages could either be hosted with your domain, or hosted as an outsourced feature from your already existing web site.

The service is unfortunately closed indefinitely. Other recommended services are youtube or vimeo.

Simple video editing

9 Dec 2019

More and more people make their own videos these days, posting them on Youtube for the world to - hopefully - see. The better your videos, the more viewers and followers, and some lucky and talented people can actually make a good deal of money on their Youtube career. But first you have to know the bascis, lika editing for example.

Turn to the web for advise

14 Dec 2018

Even though the Internet hasn't been around for all that long, it seems like it has always been here. We lost our ability to find information about things beyond the World Wide Web basically the minute the Internet was a common asset. We Google things now, and we carry around the world's complete information source in our pockets, constantly available to us. Imagine if our ancestors had the same availability to info as we have today, what would the world look like now? Would there even be one for us to enjoy..? Because this quick access to information and communication doesn't just come with benefits...

I may know things - but they can do stuff

But, that is not what I wanted to talk about today. These thought hit me when I was searching around for information on how long should my skis be? Because I am going skiing for the first time ever this winter, and I tend to focus on weird details. There are some great ski sites out there, and you can always count on Youtube. I know quite a lot now about how long skis should be, but also what to think about when choosing other kinds of gear. I have more answers than my firends have on questions regarding such details, even though they have been skiing all their lives. I am, however, well aware that my knowledge won't be much good to me when I try getting myself down my first snowy slope. But we'll have a good laugh for sure!

Fascinating about Youtube

7 Sep 2018

There is only one video sajt worth its name today and it's - of course Youtube. What an amazing success story! All other sites that have tried to compete with Youtube have faced bitter letdowns because when a service is perfect - and free! - as Youtube is, it's impossible to compete. There are some funny facts about this monster site and - service:

Done smoking?

25 Jun 2018

Anyone who ever gave up smoking can tell you how hard it is. Sure, there are several who also can say they just quit one day and never looked back but for most people the addiction is hard to beat. Luckily there are some alternatives available which can prove to be a real good help on the way. One of these substitutes is something called snus. It is a scandinavian tobbaco that is smokeless. This means you use it without inhaling any smoke into your lungs. One of the best brands is sold by Northerner and is calld Copenhagen. The copenhagen flavors are rich and the nicotine will make you less likely to light up a cigarette again. And they come in several different packages. 

How is snus used?

For those not familiar with snus the actual usage can be little of a sursprise. You don´t smoke it. Instead you put it in your mouth, almost like you would with chewing tobacco, but you don´t chew on it. Instead you place it under your upper lip and let it slowly release its flavours and nicitone. Beginners often have to spit but when you get more used to it you will feel its soothing effect. It is also proven not as hazardous as smoking. This is becasue you don´t get any of it inside your body. The small amount that is transferred into you bloodstream makes it less harmful than many other products containing tobacco. 

Filming in low light

27 Nov 2017

It's dark outside now and every day it just gets darker and darker and darker. Not the best environment for filming unless you know the tricks for filming in low light. With Chrismas coming up it's about time we learn those tricks so that we can make beatiful video clips of the Christmas tree and mom's table decoration. Right?

A connected life

25 Oct 2017

We are all in the same boat now, living half or more of our lives in the virtual world, and less and less in the physical one. Everyone has their own gadgets to keep them connected at all times - phones, tablets, computers... It's the new reality and even if it might be wise to limit the time online, there just is no escaping it. It's all about finding some kind of balance.

A matter of time

I love having long baths in the evenings. I usually lay there soaked in hoot water checking my social media on the phone. Sooner or later it will fall in, I know, but so far (knock wood) it hasn't. I do this on almost a daily basis. 

Now we have decided to remodel the bathroom; give it a complete makeover, and we are talking right now with a company that might be the one who will take on the job. One idea that I got on our last meeting was to install a screen in the bathroom, one that is visible from the bathtub. Then I can stay even longer in that favourite place of mine, watching serials or Youtube videos. It's such a brillisnt idea that I'm surprised I haven't thought about it before.

Realistic dream

The company - Kerkinni & Company in Minneapolis - said it was no problem to make this little dram come true, so I'm really excited. Not only a new and fresh bathroom, even though I want it simple and quite modest, but one with an integrated screen.

For the sake of balance...