Turn to the web for advise

Even though the Internet hasn't been around for all that long, it seems like it has always been here. We lost our ability to find information about things beyond the World Wide Web basically the minute the Internet was a common asset. We Google things now, and we carry around the world's complete information source in our pockets, constantly available to us. Imagine if our ancestors had the same availability to info as we have today, what would the world look like now? Would there even be one for us to enjoy..? Because this quick access to information and communication doesn't just come with benefits...

I may know things - but they can do stuff

But, that is not what I wanted to talk about today. These thought hit me when I was searching around for information on how long should my skis be? Because I am going skiing for the first time ever this winter, and I tend to focus on weird details. There are some great ski sites out there, and you can always count on Youtube. I know quite a lot now about how long skis should be, but also what to think about when choosing other kinds of gear. I have more answers than my firends have on questions regarding such details, even though they have been skiing all their lives. I am, however, well aware that my knowledge won't be much good to me when I try getting myself down my first snowy slope. But we'll have a good laugh for sure!

14 Dec 2018