Done smoking?

Anyone who ever gave up smoking can tell you how hard it is. Sure, there are several who also can say they just quit one day and never looked back but for most people the addiction is hard to beat. Luckily there are some alternatives available which can prove to be a real good help on the way. One of these substitutes is something called snus. It is a scandinavian tobbaco that is smokeless. This means you use it without inhaling any smoke into your lungs. One of the best brands is sold by Northerner and is calld Copenhagen. The copenhagen flavors are rich and the nicotine will make you less likely to light up a cigarette again. And they come in several different packages. 

How is snus used?

For those not familiar with snus the actual usage can be little of a sursprise. You don´t smoke it. Instead you put it in your mouth, almost like you would with chewing tobacco, but you don´t chew on it. Instead you place it under your upper lip and let it slowly release its flavours and nicitone. Beginners often have to spit but when you get more used to it you will feel its soothing effect. It is also proven not as hazardous as smoking. This is becasue you don´t get any of it inside your body. The small amount that is transferred into you bloodstream makes it less harmful than many other products containing tobacco. 

25 Jun 2018